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Hydraulic Trenchers & Post-hole Borers

This Barreto 20RTK Stand-on Track trencher will dig a trench up to 3’ deep and 6” wide. With a 7.1” wide track that creates 241 square inches of footprint on each side of the machine, the RTK provides outstanding traction on most normal ground conditions, while softening the impact on any existing landscaping.

The RTK features a fixed platform and with the added weight advantage improves traction, reduces impact on the operator, and provides stability. The Adjustable Trenching Control (ATC) can be positioned to modify the trenching speed of the tracks individually while on the go. By utilising the individual track controls, the operator has the ability to keep their trench straight when working on uneven terrain.

N.B. It is advisable to check/scan/survey the area for all hidden services prior to trenching.

Length: 0 mm Width: 920 mm
Height: 1440 mm Weight: 767 Kg
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This Compac one man operated post hole borer / auger unit is portable and light weight, also referred to as a 'nodding donkey'. With hydraulic power there are no belts, chains or gearboxes to break. The unit allows you to reverse the auger out of difficult ground conditions without risk to the operator. Augers are available in 6", 9" and 12" diameter, and can also be supplied with 900mm extension bar. Hire the Compac post hole borer with Acacia today.

Compac Hydraulic Auger/Post Hole Borer User Guide

Length: 0 mm Width: 0 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 100 Kg
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With an 8" bit, this Stihl BT 130 earth auger is suitable for a wide variety of jobs and is a comfortable one-man machine.  It has a vibration-reducing handle and a hip pad making it safe and easy to use.  With a Stihl 1.4 kW STIHL 4-MIX® engine it is economical, responsive and powerful.  Operated by finger control from the handle, it has a QuickStop drill brake release lever to bring it to a halt if the drill jams in the ground and which also serves as a reverse rotation lock so that a stuck bit can then be easily unscrewed manually. Hire the Stihl BT 130 auger/post hole borer with Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 0 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 9.9 Kg
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