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    Seeders & Top Dressers

    The Blec Uniseeder is a pedestrian over-seeder with a 24” working width and a power driven multi spiked front roller which produces approximately 1300 holes per square metre. Comes complete with depth control wheels and front weights and is powered by its rear wheels. It is fitted with a rear brush to ensure an even application when seeding. Hire the Blec Uniseeder with Acacia today.

    Length: 0 mm Width: 1000 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 225 Kg
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    The Blec CP36 Cultipack Seeder is a well proven seeding system. It has a 36” seeding width, complete with front and rear cast notched rollers fitted with scrapers. The seed hopper is fitted with a shut off plate, which allows for accurate seed metering. Supplied with a mounted rear foot plate for safe operator use and to avoid walking over newly seeded areas. Hire the Blec Cultipack Seeder with Acacia today.

    Length: 1800 mm Width: 1100 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 435 Kg
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    With its 1.4 metre working width, the trailed Blec Multi-seeder can also be used for initial seeding in certain applications. Producing 750 holes per square metre and fitted with a large seed hopper, hydraulically operated, and a rear drag brush, this multi-seeder covers a variety of options when required for larger areas. This unit requires a 45HP tractor. Hire the Blec Multiseeder with Acacia today.

    Length: 0 mm Width: 1580 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 535 Kg
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    The Blec 1.8m multiseeder can be used as either an overseeding machine or initial/fresh seeding machine (turfmaker). For initial seeding the Blec multiseeder comes with a dimpled front roller for creating a seedbed and a smooth rear roller to firm the surface. As an overseeder this machine is supplied with a spiked front roller which leaves tapered holes and places seeds deep into the soil surface. A brush with height control at the rear ensures maximum seed-to-soil contact.

    Length: 0 mm Width: 2100 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 720 Kg
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    The Blec DSM14005 disc seeder is a very efficient way of over-seeding small or large areas quickly with very little surface disturbance. It is equipped with a well proven seeding system, which can accommodate a wide range of seed mixtures from small bent seeds to large rye grass seeds. This unit requires 30-50 HP and has a disc spacing of 50mm. Hire the Blec Disc Seeder with Acacia today.

    Length: 0 mm Width: 1600 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 400 Kg
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    The Turfco metrematic pedestrian top dresser is easily manouverable for smaller turf areas and tighter greens as a self-propelled model. Complete with a 5.5hp engine, 11.5 cubic feet hopper activity and fingertip controls for forward, reverse, brake and throttle, this Turfco top dresser is an ideal choice. It has a spreading width of 0.8m, a top dressing speed of up to 2.5mph and a hopper capacity of 495kg.  Hire the Turfco Top Dresser with Acacia today.

    Length: 2010 mm Width: 1230 mm
    Height: 900 mm Weight: 295 Kg
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    The Cushman Truckster utility vehicle is fitted with a Turfco Widespin 1530 top dresser spinner attachment, the industry’s choice for thatch management, smoothing greens and modifying soil composition. Ideal for use in many sporting applications including cricket and golf, the twin spinners provide uniform application at any speed and an adjustable spinner angle allows for maximum penetration. Hire the Cushman Truckster and Spinner from Acacia today.

    Length: 3790 mm Width: 1600 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 1030 Kg
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    The Cushman Truckster utility vehicle is fitted with a Turfco 1.5m top dresser attachment, ideal for use on many sporting applications including cricket and golf. Fitted with a rear mounted adjustable brush it will evenly distribute dressing across an area quickly and efficiently. Hire the brilliant Cushman Truckster & Top Dresser from Acacia today.

    Length: 3000 mm Width: 1800 mm
    Height: 0 mm Weight: 0 Kg
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    The Rink DS 800 top dresser is a tractor mounted spreader with dual spinners, meaning a spread pattern variable up to 33' (10 m). The operation of the belt and spinners can be done from the tractor seat, by switching the hydraulic lever. No unnecessary drop of material takes place between stopping and operation, since the material release gate automatically closes when the belt is stopped. The spinner disks have been designed in a way that they will handle wet material very well. Load capacity of 0.8 cubic metres.  Total weight capacity of 1500kg. Needs Tractor with a minimum of 30HP and a constant flow spool valve. Hire the Rink DS800 Top Dresser with Acacia today - tractor and implement packages available too!

    Length: 2400 mm Width: 1450 mm
    Height: 1200 mm Weight: 320 Kg
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