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Stump Grinders

The high performance walk behind Predator 360 has a built in central pivot that allows the machine to pivot from side to side smoothly in a 32" arc making it easier to use. This increases efficiency and reduces effort, allowing you to work for longer periods without tiring. The Predator 360 uses a powerful 13hp Honda engine, combined with the US patented Multi-Tip cutting wheel it has a superb cutting depth of up to 10"(254mm) below ground. It's fold-over handle, lifting eyes and handles to the front and rear, makes this easily accessible and fits in practically any vehicle perfect for both domestic and small contractor operations. Hire the Predator 360 Stump Grinder from Acacia today.

Length: 1300 mm Width: 650 mm
Height: 1050 mm Weight: 145 Kg
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The compact but powerful Carlton 900H walk-behind stump grinder is an ideal machine to hire for tight access areas whilst retaining the bite and power of the larger models. The grinder has been designed for easy operation and reliability, and uses a hand operated disc brake for maximum holding power whilst removing stumps. The machine will cut 21” above ground and 9” below ground, and uses a powerful 13hp engine. The 900H stump cutter is great for both domestic and small contractor operations and provides easy access through doorways and gates. Hire the Carlton 900H Slim Stump Grinder with Acacia today.

Length: 1960 mm Width: 610 mm
Height: 1120 mm Weight: 100 Kg
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The predator 460 Hybrid features the new central pivot, which gives you a wide swing that reduces fatigue on the operator by more than 40%, making your job much quicker and more efficient. The Predator 460 is supplied with a 25hp Kohler petrol engine and a 3hp electric powered drive ensuring this stump grinder can get anywhere and can travel up ramps and inclines with ease. Predator's trade mark build quality and narrow access design ensures you can rely on accessing those narrow and compact sites. If you're looking for a reliable stump grinder, that tackels large stumps with ease, then look no further... Hire the Predator 460 Hybrid from Acacia today and get the job done hassle free.

Length: 2200 mm Width: 765 mm
Height: 800 mm Weight: 230 Kg
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The Carlton SP2010 two-wheeled self-propelled hydraulic stump grinder is designed to provide impressive cutting power in tight places. The petrol Kohler engine provides 27hp and has a fuel capacity of 15 litres. The SP2010 enables you to grind 24” below ground level from a rear operators positon. Hire the Carlton SP2010 Stump Grinder with Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 736 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 272 Kg
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The Predator P28X has a high performance 28hp diesel machine that does it all. With its 54” (1370mm) head swing and ability to grind up to 16” (406mm) below the ground. The P28X can access the hardest to reach places yet remain stable due to its variable width tracks that adjust from 26” (670mm) to 39” (1000mm). With a cutting height of up to 30” (762mm).

Length: 2400 mm Width: 670 mm
Height: 1500 mm Weight: 1000 Kg
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