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The powerful Kubota MKII G23 ride on mower has a reliable and fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine with travel speeds up to 19km/h. The HST gearbox offers improved traction and manoeuvrability. It comes with a rotary cutting deck of 48” and a cutting height of 25-101mm. The Hi-Tip discharge box enables you to discharge clippings, for example into the back of trailers and standard contractor vehicles, and gives the fastest lifting and opening speed it its class. Comfortable to operate with a new tilt steering wheel, hydrostatic steering, cruise control and a new instrument panel. Hire the Kabota G23 Mower with Acacia today.

Length: 2995 mm Width: 1150 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 840 Kg
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The Stihl HL75/HL95 long handled hedge trimmer can effortlessly cut and sculpt very high, long and extremely wide hedges. The loop handle and double sided blade provide a large degree of freedom for movement and ease of operation, even in cramped conditions. Hire the Stihl Long Reach Hedge Cutter with Acacia today.

Length: 2480 mm Width: 0 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 6.9 Kg
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The Stihl BR550 is an exceptionally quiet and powerful backpack blower. Supplied with a padded harness for extra comfort whilst wearing, the Stihl back pack blower is suitable for all applications including event rubbish clearance and back gardens, whilst also robust enough for contract work. Hire the great Stihl Back Pack Blower with Acacia today.

Stih Backpack Leaf Blower BR 550 User Guide

Length: 0 mm Width: 0 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 10.2 Kg
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The 9HP Billy Goat Leaf Blower is easily manoeuvrable as you walk behind it. It enables you to direct your garden debris making it easier to gather and dispose of quicker than other manually operated garden tools. Velocity is 200 mph approx. Hire the Billy Goat leaf blower with Acacia today.

Billy Goat Leaf Blower User Guide

Length: 0 mm Width: 750 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 63 Kg
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The Billy Goat leaf / litter vacuum collector is a brilliant lawn hoover providing an easy and effective way to gather unwanted debris. With its inboard serrated impeller it will effectively reduce vegetation and collect it in its zipperless bag, which has a capacity of 176 litres. Ideal for collecting leaves, debris and small garden waste. Hire the Billy Goat vaccum leaf collector with Acacia today.

Billy Goat Vacuum Leaf Collector User Guide

Length: 0 mm Width: 700 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 63 Kg
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The Bushranger lawn edger is a small but robust tool with a floating head to allow ease of use when finishing edges or creating new ones. Lower vibration and noise levels allow longer use of the lawn edger, and it can be used at angles from -20° to +20°, and from depths up to 72mm (2.8”). A third wheel, which drops into gaps and down pavement edges, provides stability and support when using in tricky or uneven areas. The machine is modelled on the popular but discontinued John Deere E35 lawn edger. Hire the Bushranger Lawn Edger with Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 474 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 33 Kg
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The Jo Beau M300 chipper will take branches and green material up to 3” in diameter and the low infeed hopper with wide inlet opening makes it easy and fast to feed. The powerful 13Hp Honda engine means it can produce 5m3 of chipped material per hour. And with a narrow width of just 29”/72cm it is a versatile machine suitable for narrow access jobs. Large air tyres will handle most terrain and it is robust and easy to use. Hire the Jo Beau M300 chipper today with Acacia Groundcare.

Length: 1820 mm Width: 720 mm
Height: 1260 mm Weight: 145 Kg
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