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The Groundsman Aerator has a fixed front wheel drive, complete with three crank arms and has an operating width of 45cm (18”). With an overall width of 32” it can access pedestrian gateways and doorways and is an ideal choice for bowling clubs, general hire work and professional groundsmen. The Groundsman aerator can be supplied with hollow or solid tines and uses a quantity of six at a time, with a maximum tine depth of 5" turned in an elliptical motion. Hire the Groundsman aerator from Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 830 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 160 Kg
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The Sisis maxislitter is an ideal outfield slitter, towed behind a tractor or utility vehicle with a working width of 1.6m. It will help aeration and compaction on playing surfaces up to a depth of 8", with tines spaced at 9" apart. The Maxislitter is fitted with a rear roller ensuring that little ground disturbance is visible with each pass. Hire the Sisis Maxislitter with Acacia today.  

Length: 0 mm Width: 1930 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 305 Kg
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The Camon LS 42 lawn scarifier is suitable for removal of moss and thatch from lawns. The machine includes independently sprung hardened swinging blades, floating front axle that follows the contours of the ground, a lockable fine height adjuster and folding handlebars. The Camon lawn scarifier can be used with or without a collecting bag, allowing for a tidy finish or recycling of the thatch as nutrients. Hire the Camon lawn scarifier with Acacia today.

Camon LS42 Scarifier User Guide

Length: 0 mm Width: 605 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 50 Kg
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The hydrostatic Graden GS04 verticutter/scarifier has been developed into a machine that can be used on any sports surface with little visible damage. The versatile verticutter can easily be adjusted from performing mid-season de-thatching to aggressive scarification that reach depths from 1mm to 40mm. Whatever depth is required, a clean and consistent finish is always the end result. Hire the Graden GS04 Verticutter with Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 840 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 165 Kg
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The Sisis Rotorake 600 can be used for both scarifying and verticutting, and has six forward operating speeds including a reverse gear for maneuverability and front or rear discharge. The Sisis rotorake is a superb scarifier for regular routine use as well as seasonal or annual use. This heavy duty machine contributes to improving aeration and relieves soil compation by cutting clean continuous slits, and is ideal for use on golf greens and tees, bowling greens, cricket squares and ornamental lawned areas. For deep de-thatching, the Sisis Rotorake comes with 2mm TCT tipped blades (max depth 50mm), and for light scarification it comes with a 1mm verti-cut cassette. A rotor brush for grooming or debris collection leaves a clean finish. Hire the Sisis Rotorake with Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 870 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 160 Kg
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The tractor-mounted Ryetec 1.6m scarifier collector can also be used as a flail, and with its precise control of scarifying depth creates a perfect job in any situation. Complete with a 1.3 metre cubic capacity collector, this is the ideal professional attachment for larger jobs. The Ryetec scarifier will require a double acting spool valve and a tractor with mimimum 35hp. Hire the Ryetec Scarifier Collector with Acacia today.

Length: 0 mm Width: 1800 mm
Height: 0 mm Weight: 490 Kg
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