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Hire Smart, Hire Safe Tips

Top 10 Tips for Hiring

Acacia Rental strive to provide top quality customer service and we think making sure you know what to look out for when hiring machinery is important – whether it’s safety, money, time or effort we’ll try and help out!

Have a read through our top ten hire tips to make sure you hire smart!

1. Check your insurance covers hire machinery. If not, you can usually get it included from the hire company – Acacia offer insurance at just 15% of the hire rate. Make sure you know any excess charges and inclusions, such as puncture repair.

2. Get a demonstration of the machine and make sure you understand how to use it fully before leaving – you could be charged extra for callouts or parts if you damage it due to not knowing what to do!

Personal Protective Equipment3.  Always wear PPE, read any safety labels and booklets to ensure the user understands operation and safety information before starting the job.

4. Check the type of fuel required – diesel and petrol do not mix happily!

5. Make sure the brand of machinery is one up to the job – for a professional job you need professional, contractor machinery brands such as Blec, Stihl or Ransomes.

John Hancock!

6. Get a copy of anything you sign (this applies to life in general!)

7. Make sure you know what extras you may have to pay for. Breakdowns, punctures and call outs may cost money – just ask the question!

8. Make sure you ring when you have finished so you are charged the correct amount – hire companies may not assume you are done, especially if they offer flexible hire!

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9. Check that the company is a member of a professional body, such as Hire Association Europe. The company will be able to produce certification if you need it.

10. Check the fuel policy and keep it in mind when returning as some companies charge premium rates for fuel replacement (if required).


Some of the tips that didn’t make our top ten are still pretty useful – we’ve popped them here so you can have a look still.

• Get a quote for what you need - Acacia are happy to give advice and site visits to assess your job. Don't waste time guessing and having to hire two or three times.

• Think about access – if you need something to fit through a doorway then let the hire company know. They may be able to provide dimensions or recommend machinery.

• Thoroughly check machinery over before hiring to make sure there is no obvious damage, missing parts or serious problems. A demonstration will help check this too.

• Check the deposit process and ask how much will be taken – making sure you have enough credit on the card can help speed up the process!

• Clean that machine! If the machinery is very dirty, caked in mud or noticeably horrible, give it a quick clean if you can – some companies can be strict on charging for cleaning as once it dries on, it can take hours to remove.

• Transport can be quite tricky without suitable trailers, vans or protective sheets – see if the hire company can deliver for you for a nominal fee to save time, effort and trouble!